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The Mama Box - Coming Soon!


Welcome to The Mama Box where you get health and wellness guidance along with powerful products to align you with healing, designed by Annika Moreda.

This quarterly box has been curated with every detail in mind. Each box comes with one-on-one guidance toward your healing journey. What foods to eat at any phase of motherhood from pregnancy to adult children, Annika is here to support you. She'll offer you personalized affirmations every quarter, meditations you can practice with your new products, suggested angels to pray to for divine intervention, and share exclusive Medical Medium information that helped her when she needed it the most.

This box is your warm hug to health and wellness. Mama, you are the foundation your family revolves around. If mama is abundantly well and healthy your family is sure to follow.

This is the perfect box for you if:

  • you are looking for support and guidance through your motherhood journey.
  • you are seeking holistic healing advice from the common cold to chronic illness.
  • you are curious how to heal using foods, supplements, meditation, crystals, prayer, and a low toxic and sustainable lifestyle.
  • you are tired and burnt out of the medical systems in place and you're looking for answers.
  • you are not afraid to live your best life and feel empowered to do better for your children.


This subscription box is delivered on a quarterly basis. You can expect your box to arrive towards the end of each quarter - January, April, July, and October. *

A one-on-one consultation with Annika Moreda where she will get all of the information to help guide you to health and wellness + meditations, affirmations, downloadable guides, tips and advice throughout the subscription experience.

3-5 supporting tools and products, including at least one Ancient Harmony Healing crystal-infused wellness product.

Exclusive access to an online community where you can find and connect with other mamas. A place to share stories, experiences, embrace relationships between mothers, and interact with Annika on a weekly basis. * This is a safe supportive space for all The Mama Box subscribers. 

Annika Moreda

Annika is a mother of four and always says that her children are her greatest teachers. They’ve taught her that she's an intuitive healer and an intuitive mama. 

Most days you can find Annika in the kitchen. This is her home base as it is the center of their lives. She is constantly prepping healing foods for her kids, herself, or her husband. You can also find her quite often in the garden, which is a wonderful form of meditation for her. During the Summer months her and the kids spend at least 90% of their time outdoors, picking tomatoes, peas, string beans, flowers, and now their newest addition for the summer harvest - blueberries!

Through her journey of healing chronic illness, Annika has learned the ins and outs of navigating motherhood as a holistic mama. She is now thriving living in a holistic home and has a passion for guiding other mamas to strong foundations of health and wellness. Head over to her Instagram @aligned.mamas to follow her day-to-day routine and subscribe to The Mama Box for one-on-one personalized guidance to getting you and your family healthy and well. 

This subscription box is delivered on a quarterly basis. You can expect your box to arrive towards the end of each quarter - January, April, July, and October. *

Renewals: Each subscription box will be renewed and charged to your form of payment on the 1st of the month, every month or every 3 months, depending on the billing frequency you have chosen. *The first subscription box will always be charged upon purchase.

Subscribe-By Date: Please subscribe by the 10th day of the quarter to receive the current quarter box. For example, subscribe by January 10th to receive the January quarter box.

Shipping: Boxes will be shipped on or around the 20th day of each quarter. For example, January quarter boxes will ship on or around January 20th, and April quarter boxes will ship on or around April 20th.