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Bath Soak-Ready for Change

Bath Soak-Ready for Change


We have all had moments when we have walked down a path until the path runs out, when we have taken an unhealthy relationship, unfulfilling job, or other life situation to its conclusion and it no longer fits who we are because we have grown out of it. Ready for Change asks you to take time out for yourself to honor what the challenges you have faced have taught you. It asks you to face the fact that you are no longer who you were and open up to a new adventure.

“I am ready to let go of what no longer serves me and I welcome future growth and success.”

Add the desired amount to a nice warm bath and enjoy!

sea salt, clary sage essential oil, pine essential oil, geranium essential oil, oregano essential oil, lemon essential oil

4 oz blue glass bottle, weight: 1 lb 3 oz, size: 5"x 2.5"

*Made in a sacred space - 1/2 when the moon is waxing and 1/2 when the moon is waning.