Loss Bath Soak Sample Pack
Loss Bath Soak Sample Pack

Loss Bath Soak Sample Pack


Sometimes the pain of losing what we love is so great that we want to push it away and never look at it again, but in order for spring to come, winter must pass. We must give ourselves the space to grieve and to say goodbye. We must acknowledge all the gifts we were given. And we must surround ourselves with the utmost tenderness, love, and the softest of energies while we grieve. Yet, beneath all this sorrow are new seeds planted deep inside us that will germinate in the fertility of our emotions and, when the time is right, they will grow and guide us towards a new day, a day in which we remember the pain, but we no longer are the pain.

Intention & Ritual

“I am missing what was, and I am making space to grieve. I am also making space to start anew when I am ready.”

Add the desired amount to a nice warm bath and enjoy!


Himalayan salt, lavender essential oil, palma rosa essential oil, lemon essential oil, rose essential oil, rosewood essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, myrrh essential oil 


*Made in a sacred space - 1/2 when the moon is waxing and 1/2 when the moon is waning.*

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