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Intention Spray-Grounding & Purifying Time

Intention Spray-Grounding & Purifying Time


Our lives often have chapters or shifts. These ebbs and flows demand that we let go of the old and let in the new. Each day has these small shifts and changes. With each new shift, we make choices that set new tones. We either make a choice in which we thrive or a choice that keeps us from reaching our full potential. This spray asks us to pause, take a deep breath, and center ourselves before we move forward. It’s in these paused moments that we can connect with our intuition and discern whether the next step we are about to take is the step we actually want to take. It is time to become conscious. It is time to let go of stress and fear. It is grounding and purifying time!  

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"I am setting my roots into a place that nourishes me and ridding myself of all energies and entities that no longer serve my higher purpose."

State the intention on the bottle then spray over the crown of the head or in a room (avoid eyes).

  • Water
  • White sea salt - Helps to cleanse your aura of negative energy.
  • Palo santo essential oil - Used for meditation and spiritual connection. Known for protective qualities.
  • Rose essential oil - For mental calmness and emotional stability. Invokes feelings of joy and happiness.
  • Sandalwood essential oil - Improves trust and self-identity.
  • Amethyst crystal - A stone of spiritual protection, purification and acts as a barrier against lower energies.
  • Garnet - A spiritual stone of higher thinking and self-empowerment. Also known for strength and grounding.

This 2 oz bottle is made with blue glass. Weight: 4.3 oz, size: 4.5" x 1.25"

*Made in a sacred space when the moon is waxing.*