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It's all in the family

Our Story

We are a female, family-run,
virtual healing hub uplifting the body, mind, and spirit. Our family has been dedicated to spiritual and light energy work for five generations (including
our up-and-coming light-worker kiddos), and using the teachings passed down to
us, everything we practice, teach, create, curate, and formulate is always in a
sacred space of light and love.

Our mission at Ancient
Harmony Healing is to help others heal and find their light through spiritualism, creativity, and holistic motherhood support. We understand how
challenging it is to navigate life today, from mental health and spiritual well-being to filling your body with healthy high-vibrational foods and products to journeying through motherhood. But one of the greatest challenges
is finding a supportive group of healers and a compassionate community. We’ve created a solution that aligns holistic healing services with a safe community
for every individual.

Through our own personal
healing journies (mind, body, and soul), our three unique subscription boxes
have been born – Align With Intuition, Spirit Art Expression, and The Mama Box
- quarterly subscription boxes filled with 3-5 holistic wellness products, one
accompanying virtual healing services such as Reiki, chakra balancing,
intuitive healing, guided meditations, creative artistic expression, and
holistic mama and kiddo support, and an exclusive community to lean on
throughout your experience. You can expect each box to be delivered with light,
love, and the products and services to guide you to your highest truth and
healing potential.

We are passionate about
guiding you to finding your inner light and healing at the deepest level. Our
curated services and products reflect our belief that everyone deserves a life filled with love, light, and support.

Our Values

As a company we value
treating our bodies with love and respect, investing in our mental health, guiding others to health and healing, spiritualism, creative freedom, and
supporting everyone on their life path.