Our Story

Ancient Harmony Healing (AHH) is a family run wellness company, founded by five women. Each of us has experienced a chronic illness ranging from eczema to Lupus that we have healed using properties from nature: medicinal foods and herbs, crystals, essential oils, and light energy.

Inspired by the Medical Medium who influenced our journey to healing our chronic illnesses, we created a company that reflects our belief that living well means honoring our bodies, minds and spirits with only healthy, high-vibrational, natural products. We strive to bring products into this world that empower, inspire, and support the highest intentions for all. Our family has been dedicated to spiritual and light energy work for four generations, and using the teachings passed down to us, everything we make is created in a sacred space of light and love.

Our Intention Line, created in May of 2018, primarily came out of Erin’s struggle with working full time in a high stress law firm while attending law school at night.  Focusing on healing the mind, this line was created as a way for busy people to do mini meditations and use intentional thinking to manifest the lives they want. Over one year later, in November of 2019, after using herbs and ingredients in nature to sooth severe eczema our Sensitive Skincare Line was born.

Our healing journeys have not only given us the gift on how to heal naturally, but have given us the passion and inspiration to create natural wellness products for everyone to heal, feel beautiful in their own skin and connect mind, body and spirit. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy creating them for you. 

Many blessings! xx