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What Is Your Sun Sign?

Posted by Cindy McDonell on
What Is Your Sun Sign?
When someone asks you about your astrological sign, they are referring to your Sun sign. Sun signs are what most people think of when we refer to zodiac signs.

At the exact moment you were born, the Sun, Moon, and each of the planets were in unique positions in the sky. These placements are mapped out in your natal astrological chart and each has a different meaning related to particular aspects of who you are.

Your Sun sign is your identity. It dictates your purpose in life and shows what motivates and drives you. The Sun has the greatest influence on how you see yourself and what you need to find happiness. All you need to do to find your Sun sign is to know your date of birth.

Sun in Aries 3/21-04/19 – You are straightforward, adventurous, and enjoy chasing a challenge. This sign is known for its dominance and assertiveness and you are motivated towards actions rather than words. You have many ideas and wish to put them into action. You would much rather lead than be led by others.

Sun in Taurus 04/20-05/20 – Taurus folks resist change at all costs. You like things to run smoothly and are a hard worker with a lot of patience. You are very practical and love a life of comfort and luxury. You make a good friend and have a loving temperament. You are not much of an adventurer and like to have hands-on experience before you settle down into something.

Sun in Gemini 05/21-06/20 – Geminis are filled with curiosity and enjoy constant stimulation. Variety is the spice of life for you may enter and exit different careers. All types of communications appeal to you. You adapt to any situation you find yourself in, and you can be objective while also enjoying the lighter side of life.

Sun in Cancer 06/21-07/21 – Cancers are highly intuitive and can effortlessly pick up the energies in a room. You are very sensitive and may easily be influenced by others around you. Your moods tend to change with the Moon and the tides. Your home is the most important thing in your life and gives you a sense of security.

Sun in Leo 07/22-08/21 – Leos are vivacious, theatrical, passionate, and love to bask in the spotlight. You are a born leader and are good at organization. You were born to rule and have the ability to instill the confidence of the people around you. You tend to be showy, and the limelight draws you. You may make a good actor as well as a good teacher.

Sun in Virgo 08/22-09/22 – Virgos are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. You are a perfectionist at heart and are not afraid to improve your skills through diligent and consistent practice. Details are very important to you and big projects can be overwhelming. You don’t like the limelight and prefer to live in the background. You love learning and gathering as much knowledge as possible about life around you.

Sun in Libra 09/23-10/22 – Libras love balance and harmony and strive to create equilibrium in all areas of life. You are a courteous person who understands the feelings of others. You are a good social player and like working on a team. You also like your working life to be conducive and pleasant. Peace and calmness are very important to you.

Sun in Scorpio 10/23-11/21– Scorpios have incredible passion and power and derive their strength from the psychic and emotional realm. You have a sense of secretiveness and tend to hide your emotions and feelings. You usually rebel against existing norms and want others to listen to your ideas. Relationships mean a lot to you.

Sun in Sagittarius 11/22-12/21 – Sagittarians are always on a quest for knowledge. You chase after geographical, intellectual, and spiritual adventures. You are optimistic and have a lot of generosity along with a good demeanor. You have a broad outlook on life and may miss the finer details. You live life to the fullest, are an extrovert, and make friends easily.

Sun in Capricorn 12/22-01/19 – Capricorns are skilled at navigating both the material and emotional realms of life. You are a serious dedicated person and have a lot of perseverance. You have a practical personality and good reasoning skills. You are very responsible and disciplined and don’t like change. You are also loyal and can be counted on when in trouble.

Sun in Aquarius 01/20-02/18 – Aquarians are considered to be the most humanitarian of the zodiac signs. You are a great thinker, and you have original ideas. You are very advanced and progressive in your thoughts and actions and shoo away from conventional ideas. You always want fair play and are connected with humanitarian issues on a large scale. You don’t like routine and resist anything that opposes your freedom in life.

Sun in Pisces 02/19-03/20 – Pisces folks tend to have very sensitive personalities. You are very creative, spiritual, and emotional. You are very compassionate and loving and care much for the poor, sick, and downtrodden. You are tuned into the spiritual side of things and can sense emotional currents that run between people. You can be extraordinarily successful when you express yourself creatively.

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