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What Is An Auragraph?

Posted by Cindy McDonell on
What Is An Auragraph?

It was the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Skokie, Illinois in the Chicago area. There were crystal stands, natural body products, meditation products, dream catchers, spiritual mediums, and so much more. There was one stand that struck me because it was just buzzing with so much activity and seemed to have attendees lining up to participate. With closer observation, I noticed it was an auragraph stand, which means people were using a specialized camera to snap photographs of the “aura” around them by capturing the color. In fact, this camera only captures the body temperature of an individual. There is not a camera in existence that can capture a person’s aura.

What is an auragraph?
So, what is an aura? Michael Reccia in his Revelations book describes as such, “Each human being has a field around them. It is often described as the aura, but it is much more than that. The aura often referred to, is simply a reflection of the electro-magnetic tendencies within and exhibited by a soul, a measure of that soul’s health, evolution, and spiritual understanding. The soul may be measured by the information which the aura contains- information that can be seen plainly from outside the field, but not from within it, usually, except by psychics and those who are mediumistic, and by what you would describe as shamans and mystics.” He continues to say, “The aura is the energy field that is closest to the soul and extends for about three meters out from the physical body, with the most luminous and, therefore, the most easily observed part of the aura being at a distance of about a third of a meter out from the body. Beyond this, there extends a second field that is linked to the mental process of the individual, and it is this field that allows form to be brought forth.” Our aura reflects the state of our soul. The color, saturation, vibration, texture can express what the individual is going through on the surface and underneath in the depths of the soul.
What is an auragraph?
Even though cameras are not truly able to capture the essence of an aura, a spirit artist with mediumistic abilities and trained artistic skills can connect and capture the visual layers and translate the meaning. I find it interesting because in a lot of cases the clients will see the art piece and know what it means without words or translations. That is the beauty of art. It is a language that sometimes cannot be translated into words, but there is an inner knowing of what it means. But even so, a spirit artist should provide an interpretation just as a psychic medium would and provide an explanation that would hopefully resonate.

If an auragraph by a spirit artist interests you, you are in the right place. I am a skilled spirit artist offering auragraph services through Ancient Harmony Healings subscription boxes, launching now. See yourself in a new light or discover something about yourself that you have forgotten or didn’t realize. Get validation of what you are going through, and have a piece of artwork that can always remind you of your healing journey and why you do the work to grow and be your best self.

Many blessings,

Shannon Czaja, @align.with.spiritart

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