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The Sun In Gemini. How Does This Affect Your Sign?

Posted by Cindy McDonell on
The sun in Gemini. How does it affect your sign?

On May 21st the Sun went from the conventional and industrious energy of Taurus to the curious and communicative energy of Gemini, transiting in Gemini until June 21st.

Gemini is a sign of the mind and loves to absorb information. This season inspires curiosity about the people and places around us and may open our minds to new perspectives. It is a fun and lighthearted time to meet new people, learn new perspectives and explore new ideas.

In this season communication becomes an effortless and enjoyable activity. It is a good time to get your point across, write letters, or speak in public. Also, love that initiated during this time will be based on an intellectual connection.

What does this mean for your zodiac sign?

Aries – You are bursting with creative ideas and social energy. As a leader and influencer, what you say and how you say it will be carefully watched. Since Aries (fire sign) is compatible with Gemini (air sign) it is a good time to dive into new experiences and there may be many exciting connections, jobs, and projects coming your way. Experiment and find the one that is right for you.

Taurus – This is a great time for you to share your values with the world. Also, get your finances in order and start thinking about your worth in a new way. Gemini season is here to teach you to change your approach. Leaving your comfort zone may feel scary but all the good work you do now will very likely lead to success.

Gemini – Since the Sun is in your sign Gemini you will feel a boost in your confidence levels. It is time to showcase your individuality. This Gemini transit is motivating you to create newness in your life. It will seem easy to end things, fine closure, and start looking for the next best thing. Embrace the exciting changes that are unfolding for you.

Cancer – Allow yourself to daydream and reflect on your life Cancer. Your mental energy is better utilized when you are alone during this time. You may also find that old projects are piling up. It is a good time to deal with them to obtain a clean slate and thrive as the Sun moves into your sign next month.

Leo – This is a time to get involved and become a social butterfly, Leo. The Gemini Sun is in your friendship and social zone during this transit. It is very likely there may be new connections coming into your life during this Gemini season. You also may find it easier to leave behind toxic relationships and welcome in people that will help make you shine.

Virgo – The Gemini Sun shines the spotlight on your career Virgo. You will feel ambitious and now is a great time to look for a promotion or perhaps a new job. You are being thrust into the spotlight and others are keeping an eye on your performance. So, deliver the results and congratulate yourself for all your great work. A promotion or new job could be in the stars.

Libra – It is time for new adventures Libra. It is a great time to travel, take a class, learn a new hobby, and expand your horizons. You may travel and even get to know different cultures. This Gemini season has you feeling the need to experience everything new. By the end of this season, you will feel surprised at how well-rounded you feel.

Scorpio – During this transit, there is an emphasis on self-improvement Scorpio. You will be given the tools and confidence to become a better version of yourself. You may also feel yourself making deep and meaningful connections with your intimate relationships. You could discover many things you never knew about the person in your life.

Sagittarius – You will feel inspired to open new channels of communications with your intimate relationships or closest friends during this transit Sagittarius. It is a particularly good time to establish strong and secure relationships that harness longevity. This Gemini season also helps with business situations where you need to impress someone.

Capricorn – The Gemini Sun is in your work and health zone Capricorn. You will probably have a lot of energy and willpower so it’s a great time to create fresh and healthy habits. If you focus on wellness, you will be able to reorganize your life. Take this time to be the best version of yourself.

Aquarius – This Gemini season is a very creative time for you Aquarius. It is a great time to share your experiences through writing, art, or music. This Gemini season may bring out your inner child and lots of opportunities to have fun. It is also a romantic time of year and you may find yourself finding someone you really click with. So, put yourself out there and enjoy!

Pisces – This is a good time to channel a lot of energy into your home life during this transit Pisces. It’s time to think about and move past negative experiences from your past, especially regarding your family and home. Draw on the positive lessons from your past. You may even want to plan a party to bring good vibes and cheer into your home.

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