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Reiki: What Is It & How Can It Help Us Heal?

Posted by Cindy McDonell on
What is Reiki and how does it help us heal?


Reiki is the process where a properly attuned practitioner channels energy into a patient to activate the natural healing process of the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The practitioner uses different Reiki symbols to create different types of energy, depending on the needs of the patient. The ability to perform Reiki stems from our quantum nature, which means that Reiki energy comes from the part of us that is not bound by our body or the rules of the physical. It comes from our soul and its ability to create.


Reiki has been so effective for many people that it is becoming more mainstream by the day. According to Medical News Today, a survey found over 60 hospitals that are believed to offer Reiki services to patients. My clients have reported that Reiki has helped reduce bodily pain, helped them sleep, given them a deep feeling of relaxation, helped ease muscle tension, and/or reduced eczema inflammation.


Some argue that Reiki just causes the placebo effect. The basis of the placebo argument is that the mind affects the body. Thus, if a person thinks they are taking medicine, but are taking a placebo medicine, they will feel better because they believe the medicine is healing them, even though there is no medicine. The placebo argument is misguided in that it is almost akin to an incomplete thought. It acknowledges that the mind is powerful but stops there. It doesn’t address the deeper levels of why our mind can affect our body or the implications of how our minds can affect other physical things. Our minds affect our bodies because, at our energetic core, we are creators. Our minds can also affect other people’s bodies as well for the same reason…our souls are creators.


When I first started practicing Reiki, I was strictly using the symbols and methods taught to me by my Reiki Master. Over the years, my nature and ability as a medium has altered my practice in that I am more flexible. I might be guided to pull blocked energy out of a client using different methods or introduce constructs of energy other than traditional Reiki. I still incorporate the traditional symbols and the intention behind them, but I found better healing results happen for my clients when I let my connection to a higher source act through me and guide me as I heal.

Reiki Healing


The healing wheel is a concept that it takes more than one modality of healing to completely heal the body, mind, and soul, and I believe it is a valid concept. At this point in our spiritual evolution, we don’t remember how to affect our physicality with our intention to the extent that the rules of the physical no longer apply. This is why using intention to put light energy into a body can help the healing process, but it is just one section of the healing wheel. A large part of the healing wheel is the food we put into our bodies. I recommend reading the Medical Medium books to get guidance on how to use food to heal. Time in nature is another facet of the healing wheel. When you put all these facets together, a complete wheel forms and that wheel can move forward on its journey now that it’s complete.


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