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"Take Your Power Back. Realign. Love Yourself." - Grounding & Purifying Time Anointment Oil

Posted by Cindy McDonell on
Take Back Your Power. Realign. Love Yourself. - Grounding & Purifying Time Anointment Oil

The most powerful healing component of our products is you!  That might sound strange, but any healing product out there is really just an invitation for you to join it.  It’s the act of choosing to join it that creates the powerful healing.  This is why we include a statement of intention for every product of our intention line.  The statement of intention, which is supported by the frequencies of the crystals and essential oils in the product, asks you to align with it and to apply it to your life.  It acts as a focus point for your mind and once you pour your energy into creating something, that's when the magic happens!

Grounding & Purifying Time’s beautiful statement of intention is “I am setting my roots into a place that nourishes me and ridding myself of all energies and entities that no longer serve my highest purpose.”  Whenever you feel tired after an encounter with someone, overwhelmed, hurt, or anything that pulls you away from your own power, this is an impactful statement to align yourself with.  It invites self-love.  It asks you to give yourself what you need to thrive.  It asks you to let go of trying to control what is no longer working. 

Grounding & Purifying Time Anointment Oil

As with anything, practice is key.   That’s why we recommend carrying this anointment oil with you and using it whenever you feel out of alignment with the statement of intention.  Practice connecting with it!  Use it as a tool to get in touch with your own amazing ability to heal, to move on, and to grow.

When you want to be a manifesting machine, try pairing this with Oh Yes I Can! Intention spray, which is all about empowerment!



Have you ever used a product made with a specific intention? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

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