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How To See Auras

Posted by Cindy McDonell on
How To See Auras

Have any of you ever seen an aura of color around someone? If you haven’t had the experience yet, here are some exercises to help limber up your third eye. Also, some very talented auric readers might see auras with their inner vision more than their outer vision. Seeing an aura with your inner vision is when you get a sense of the colors someone is emitting rather than seeing the colors with your eyes. Someone who sees auras with their inner vision also might see the colors in their mind’s eye. This sense can become very strong if you practice seeing auras regularly.

How To See Auras
Step 1Have faith. If there is some part of you that doubts that auras are real, it can block your ability to see them. Acknowledge any part of you that has doubts and open up to not knowing whether auras are real rather than knowing that they are not real. This intention opens your mind to experiencing your third eye.

Step 2Get grounded. Do whatever you need to get grounded and centered. If you can get into a meditative state, you will have even better success.

Step 3Focus your gaze on a living subject. Using plants is best when first starting out. Softly focus your gaze on the plant. The first thing you are likely to see is what looks like heat waves coming off of pavement on a hot day. Continue your gaze, noticing any patterns in the energy. You may notice a tightly-knit energy closest to the plant that expands outward into the energy that looks like heat waves. Don’t try to see anything; instead, open your vision up to what is there. This is about receiving the energy of the plant with your eyes. If you get a sense of the color or see the color in your mind’s eye, take note of what you saw.

Step 4Practice. The more you practice, the more quickly and clearly auras will appear to you. Try to do this exercise several times a week for the best results.

Some of the best energy healers use auras to help guide how to heal their clients. Auras will show physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds and can help the healer understand what is going on beneath the surface. If auras fascinate you, try reading Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light. She goes into detail about her journey in using auras to heal her clients!

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