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Healing the Gap Between Judgment and Compassion

Posted by Cindy McDonell on
Healing the Gap Between Judgment and Compassion

I was thinking the other day about something the Medical Medium said about fear and your soul when I was listening to his Brain Meditation on his podcast.  He said that when your soul goes through hardships, we have small out-of-body experiences where our soul leaves our brain and body, a disconnect happens, and fear fills the gap and stays there.  (The meditation allows the neurons in your brain to reconnect with your soul so there is no more room for fear.)  It struck me how we can be so judgmental of ourselves and others when it comes to fear.  How many times have we stood by in frustration and judgment while we watched someone pass opportunities or behave in destructive ways because of fear?  How many times have we passed opportunities because of fear?  Let’s face it, this world can be tough on us and there are plenty of opportunities for us to grow this fear-gap. I find it so much easier to have compassion and forgiveness for myself and others knowing that fear takes residence this way, like a terrible tenant that keeps you up at night, harasses you constantly, and makes you not want to even come home.

Bringing this Brain Meditation into your life will help repair the fear and broken trust which holds us back. You can take your life back and heal. - Anthony William, Medical Medium

I had a really interesting experience with this meditation.  The first time I did it, I felt a huge release and felt much more peaceful the next day.  The second time I did it, I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin, and it has felt like that ever since.  It got me to wondering whether the fear forms a consciousness of it’s own and fights to survive within us.

Either way, I find that I feel the best when I gently plough ahead, even if I feel resistance.  So, I continue to do the meditations and try to do little things for myself.  I feel like every celery juice I drink, every cleanse I do, every piece of fruit I eat, and every small step I take in my healing process builds a bridge over that gap until such a time that I’ve closed the gap and the bridge is no longer needed.

So, let’s do the meditation, share our stories with each other, take care of ourselves, and build a healing community.  Then together and without fear we can heal this world.

Many Blessings xx, Erin

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