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Harnessing the Power of Garnet and Amethyst

Posted by Cindy McDonell on
Harnessing the power of garnet and amethyst stones

Harness the beautiful energy behind Amethyst and Garnet with Grounding and Purifying Time Anointment Oil.


Amethyst, known as the bridge to the divine is a powerful stone. It can cloak you in its protective embrace, transmuting any negative energy that comes by way of thought, wish, or experience. Because of this power, it is known as a calming stone as it can relieve stress, anxiety, fear, and balance your mood. Calming stones are wonderful tools for those who feel compelled to overindulge, need help to focus, or need assistance with memory. Amethyst can aid in focusing and clearing your mind, a key part of grounding your energy body. It is also wonderful at supporting the third eye chakra.


Garnet harnesses the energy of the heart and the element of fire. It has the strength to purify and re-energize all of the chakras, bringing about feelings of hope, love, and courage. It helps bring harmony to your emotions through its stability and ignites the fire within you to love yourself as you are. Garnet can guide you to your greatest passions both in life and sensuality. It is particularly healing for the base and heart chakras.

Bringing these crystals together create a force of energy that has the power to ground you while purifying your energy of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. I find myself reaching for this blend always, no matter what's going on. It helps to bring a feeling of ease and clarity that I seem to be looking for regularly.


What do you think of garnet and amethyst? Have you used them during meditation or in a product before? Comment below. We love to hear about your experiences!

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