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Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times

Posted by Cindy McDonell on
Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times

Politics is a hot topic and a sensitive topic, especially right now after the presidential elections.  There is so much uncertainty in politics because it’s hard to know who to trust and what to believe.  Yet, the older I get, the less emphasis I put on the ideology of a particular party and the more emphasis I put on the individual mind frames of the people who support that party.  If our mind frames were focused on creating peace, we would, whether we operated through a republican framework or a democratic framework.  If we wanted to focus on healing our environment, republican or democrat we would.  It’s apparent that we are not on the same page about what we want to create, which seems strange to me, given that we all want the same thing.  We want to be happy.  We want to feel secure and safe.  We want to be free.  I think it’s the means of how we try to achieve those states of being that separates us from actually achieving them.

Some of us feel that we can’t be secure and safe unless we take what others have or unless we horde more than we need.  Some people feel they can’t be secure and safe unless they are isolated from everyone else.  Because this way of thinking creates opposition and separation, security and safety can never be reached because there is always someone looking to take what is yours, looking to violate your isolation.  True security and safety can only be reached by love.  We are trying to attain the feeling of the kind of security and safety that only love can bring through separation instead of love.  It’s a form of insanity that we all struggle with.

A quote on vulnerability

When I asked my guides about the division we have in this country, they said: “You need to reach out to each other for help, not because you need it in the sense that you think you do, but because looking to each other for help creates vulnerability and in that vulnerability you will find a truth.  That truth is that nothing is certain in your line of thinking.  It can’t be because your thinking is something too heavily influenced by darkness at the moment.  The key to moving forward is finding certainty.  Certainty exists only in one place, it exists only in god, in the light, in love.  You censor your beliefs to match what your mind dictates, but your mind is lost.  You overlook good consistently and then see only bad.  You find division where there is none. Then your constant sense of division creates the illusion that you live in and then you suffer.  You feel lost because you can no longer see yourselves.”

Maybe the key to seeing ourselves is by attempting to see each other first.  Many of us aren’t ready to listen, but for those of us that are, we have the potential to hold the torch up for everyone else to see.  We can teach the energy that we want to create simply by being that energy, by listening, by getting in touch with our compassion and sharing it.  It shifts darkness profoundly.  In order to have what we want—freedom, safety, happiness—we have to want that for everyone else as well because we can only create those states of being together.

Keep on shining!

xoxox, Erin

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