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Break Away From Negativity And Refresh Your Space

Posted by Cindy McDonell on
Break away from negativity and Refresh your space

Refreshers can be used for more than just refreshing the skin, they can also give you assistance in breaking away from draining or negative energy.  I used to work at a desk job in a law firm that I hated.  On my breaks, I would walk quickly around the block to try to release the tension in my body and recharge myself.  Then I found that splashing a little water on my cheeks after my walk seemed to help me finish breaking away from the negative energy.  If I had a crystal-infused refresher that was also good for my skin at the time, I totally would have used it!  Now, I use our Refreshers after doing something particularly brainy or tiring.  Just a couple pumps of the nozzle and a few deep breaths really brings me back.

Spray this beautiful, crystal-infused liquid on your face and neck, take a deep breath in, noticing the lovely smell and exhale slowly, saying “I release all tension from my body.”  Take another deep breath in and on the exhale say, “I am refreshed.”  I love doing this exercise in conjunction with a little walk outside.

The rose geranium hydrosol in the Refresher balances skin oil production and the colloidal silver has antibacterial properties that can help with blemishes, not to mention it is filled with the high vibrations of the amethyst and rose quartz.  Spraying it on the skin can really give a soft, dewy glow.  This product really is the whole package!

The Refresher can also be used as a pillow spray or clothing refresher.  The Lavender Refresher is great for creating that sleepy, relaxing atmosphere if used on your pillow before bed.  Or, if you have a musty sweater that’s been sitting in a drawer for too long, airing it out and giving it a little Refresher spray can really bring that sweater back to life!

The Lavender Refresher is also a favorite of one our co-founders, Annika, as she finds it soothing to spray on her eczema.  Try one or more of our amazing Lavender, Rose, or Jasmine Refreshers and see their amazing benefits.

xo, Erin

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